NEWSLETTER #1-SEPT. 15, 2017

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Sept. 21             Individual Student Photos

Monday, Sept. 25               Non-Instructional Day (Classes not in session)

Thursday, Sept. 28             Meet the Teacher Evening (6:00-7:00 pm)

Friday, Sept. 29                   Terry Fox Run (1:00 pm)

Monday, Oct. 9                    Thanksgiving Monday (School closed)


The Year Ahead

Welcome back, everyone! We will be heading into our third week of school on Monday and students are settling nicely into their new classrooms.  This year, for reasons largely outside of the school’s control, we needed to take a little longer than normal to finalize class organizations. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding while we went through this process. The year ahead promises to be a great one, as we have the good fortune to have the staff, volunteers, and facilities to offer a wide range learning opportunities throughout the day.

With regard to information sharing, we try to keep our website and online newsletter as up to date as possible. Additionally, the Martha Currie PAC Executive and the school office staff work together to ensure the distribution of timely and accurate information is available in a variety of formats and to as many school community members as possible.

For the next month or so, our newsletters will be sent home as a paper copy, and will be posted electronically at and on the school’s website, approximately every two weeks. For those who prefer, paper copies of our newsletters are always available for pick up at the front office.

We hope that between the school website, the online newsletter, and the PAC sources, you will find all the information you want and need.

Have a great year!

Meet the Teacher Night

Our annual Meet the Teacher Night will be held from 6:00-7:00 pm, on Thursday, Sept. 28th. Although dinner options will not be offered this year, some tasty snacks will be available for those attending. More info will follow. See you on the 28th!

Terry Fox Run

Martha Currie’s annual Terry Fox Run through the local neighbourhood will take place this year on Friday, Sept. 29th, at 1:00 pm. Parents and grandparents are welcome to participate and/or volunteer for the event (we always need a few who are willing to act as safety supervisors along the route). So please put on some comfortable shoes and join us for a fun 30 minute run (or, walk, if you prefer)!

A Few Thank You’s

As we start the 2017-2018 school year, we would like thank you in advance for your support of the following:

  • For safety reasons, please remember that the school is only able to provide on-site supervision from 8:20 am until 2:45 pm. Unless your child is participating in a scheduled before or after school activity that is supervised by a Martha Currie staff member, or if they are attending the out of school program, students should not be arriving before 8:20. Everyone is expected to be picked up or otherwise be heading home by 2:45 pm.  Although Martha Currie staff and City of Surrey staff in the out of school care program are usually on site before 8:20 and after 2:45, they have a number of other responsibilities to attend to during those times. Also, depending on the time of day, there may be no adults on site to assist your child if they are experiencing difficulty before or after regular hours. Thank for your respecting this request.
  • As much as many of us love dogs, bringing them on site during the school day can be very problematic. As such, we ask that you refrain from bringing your dog(s) onto school property, especially during drop off and dismissal times. To be fair, this includes any and all breeds, of any and all sizes, whether on a leash or being carried. If you do plan to walk your dog to the school to pick your child at the end of the day, please re-arrange a meeting spot with your child(ren) just off the school grounds. School School District bylaws do not permit dogs on district property, unless for a specific learning purpose and with the prior approval of the principal.
  • We have several individuals at the school with moderate to severe nut allergies. To reduce the risk of a serious and/or life threatening reaction, we ask that everyone refrain from sending nut-based products to school.

Thank you for your help with each of the above!!

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